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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to join?

All of WCC’s ensembles are 100% tuition-free! We believe that every child, regardless of their family’s ability to pay, deserves access to high-quality music education. Since our founding in 2002, we have never charged tuition or membership fees.

Do we have to live in Wilmington (or Delaware) to join?

WCC has children from all over the tri-state area! Families travel from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey to have their children participate in such an exceptional and diverse choir. We welcome everyone!

Which ensemble should my child audition for?

Every child is different, and WCC’s artistic staff will make sure to place your child in the ensemble that is developmentally and vocally appropriate for them. Click here to view the audition requirements for a general guide.

What can we expect from WCC’s curriculum?

WCC’s curriculum emphasizes music and life skills that set young people up for success in life. Our instruction includes music literacy, singing, the exploration of multi-cultural and classical music, culture, and history, and teaches youth and families about responsibility, leadership, and teamwork.

Does my child need to have musical experience to join WCC?

Musical experience is not a requirement for our entry level ensembles. Admittance into our advanced ensembles, such as Concert and Chamber Choirs, requires successfully completing sight reading examples. Prior experience is preferred for these advanced ensembles.

What is WCC’s spring season going to look like? Are you rehearsing virtually or in-person?

Both! WCC is planning a hybrid spring season. The structure for each ensemble will look different, but we anticipate a mix of virtual and in-person rehearsals. For choristers who identify as high-risk, have high-risk members of their household, or who are just not comfortable with in-person events, we will have a 100% virtual track.

Choristers will be distanced by 8 feet and will be provided with masks made specifically for singing, which they’ll be required to wear at all times during our rehearsals. When rehearsing indoors, WCC has purchased air filtration units that circulate the air. And we’ll be following rigorous cleaning protocols for increased safety.

For more information on safety precautions WCC will be taking for our in-person rehearsals, please consult Stage 3 of our COVID-19 Stages of Response document. If you’d like to see an example of what in-person rehearsals will look like, check out this video!

I’ve heard that singing is “dangerous” and spreads COVID-19. Is this true?

All group activities, including choral singing, will need to adapt to make their programs safer for all participants. Activities like singing, speaking loudly, yelling, or chanting produce more aerosols and aerosols have been linked to the spread of COVID-19.  However, modifications like appropriate distancing, ventilation, masking, and cleaning procedures can allow many children to express themselves creatively and make art through in-person activites.

To learn more about how WCC is mitigating the risks of contracting COVID-19, we encourage you to reference our “Stages of COVID-19 Response” document.

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