Early Learner’s Music Program

Early Leaner’s Music Program (ELM)

Every child deserves access to exceptional music education, at every stage of life. WCC’s ELM Program provides free and accessible music lessons to 140 children, ages 1-5, across the city of Wilmington. Children at partnering daycares and preschools receive twice-weekly music classes, integrated into their regular school day. Students learn about themselves and the world around them through music, dance, and creative self-expression. All while their lessons are tailored to help them meet curriculum goals and developmental milestones.

Our Downtown Site is currently enrolling children ages four and five. This new branch of our ELM Program is open to the public. Children do not need to be enrolled in a partnering site to participate in weekly early childhood music classes, offered at no cost to their families. To learn more and register your child for our Downtown Site, click here.

Did you know?

  • The ability to keep a steady beat has been linked to increased reading comprehension later in life
  • Young children who engage in music-making show increased memory after one year, compared to children who did not receive music education
  • Singing is good for your whole body – it decreases stress and boosts endorphins
  • Singing in groups forges social bonds and increases children’s sense of community

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