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Meet our Executive Director!

Meet our New ED!

WCC’s new Executive Director, Lianna Magerr, sat down to answer some of your questions about WCC!

You’re new to your position, but you’ve been with WCC for a long time. What is your WCC story?
I joined the WCC musical family as a chorister! I auditioned in 2007 as an eighth-grader and it was a life-changing experience. I grew up in the suburbs of Pennsylvania, so being exposed to the City of Wilmington and a new, diverse group of friends shaped my world view. That’s the magic of WCC – bringing young people from all walks of life together and uniting them through music! 

It’s been quite a journey since then! I love this organization so much, I never left. I worked as an intern all through high school and college. Later, I became the Manager of Operations and one of our Neighborhood Choir teachers. All of those experiences helped me get to know the organization deeply and prepared me for my new role.

Lianna at WCC’s 10th anniversary concert!

What is your favorite WCC moment throughout the years?
There are so many to choose from! From my very first performance with WCC (singing at the Barack Obama Rally in 2008!) to our 10th-anniversary concert, our international exchanges, and our transition to our own, separate 501(c)(3). But I think the moments that are really sticking out for me lately are the ordinary moments we all took for granted before the pandemic. Some of my favorite moments with WCC have been simple – like hugging our Neighborhood Choir students when I walk into the classroom, laughing with our choristers, goofing off backstage, and chasing after kids at rehearsals. I miss those moments, and can’t wait to get back to them!

Lianna interning at WCC’s summer camp!

What has it been like taking a new role in the middle of a pandemic?
Wow! It’s been more challenging and rewarding than I ever could have imagined. I’m so proud and humbled to work on behalf of these amazing kids every day. I’ve also been really inspired by our community and the ways we’ve come together. I won’t lie – it’s been an emotional time, but I believe in this organization and I’ve seen what we can accomplish when we stand together!

Teaching at our Academia Neighborhood Choir!

What is your dream for the future of WCC?
I am so excited about the future of WCC! I believe that music can transform children’s lives and that access to music should be considered a fundamental right as part of their holistic education. My dream for WCC is to help bring music to every child in our city and across our region. Working together with our partners, we can empower all children to change their world through music. 

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