Wilmington Children's Chorus

2021 Holiday Concert

Thank you for joining the Wilmington Children’s Chorus at our 2021 Holiday Concerts!

Song Translations

Riu, riu, chiu, Performed by Concert Choir

Riu, riu, chiu, the river bank protects it,
As God kept the wolf from our lamb

The rabid wolf tried to bite her
But God Almighty knew how to defend her
He wished to create her impervious to sin
Nor was this maid to embody original sin

He who’s now begotten is our mighty Monarch
Christ, our Holy Father, in human flesh embodied
He made himself small and so redeemed us:
He who was infinite became finite.

Many prophecies told of his coming,
And now in our days have we seen them fulfilled.
God became man, on earth we behold him,
And see man in heaven because he so willed.

A thousand singing angels I saw passing,
Flying overhead, sounding a thousand voices,
Exulting, “Glory be in the heavens,
And peace on Earth, for Jesus has been born.”

Barechu, Performed by Chamber Choir

Bless the Lord, the Blessed One.
Blessed is the Lord, the Blessed One forever and ever.

A la Media Noche, Performed by Youth Choirs I & II

At the hour of midnight, in the midst of winter, Jesus Christ was born, Redeemer from heaven.
At the hour of midnight, the rooster was singing, and in his voice, he said, “Christ is born.”

Pie Jesu” (Requiem in D minor, Op. 48), Performed by Select Choir

Holy Jesus, grant them rest everlasting.

A la nanita nana, Performed by Select Choir

Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby. My Jesus is sleepy. Bless him.
Keep quiet while the cradle rocks.
Little fountain that runs clear and sonorous, the nightingale in the jungle singing, cries.
Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby. My Jesus is sleepy. Bless him.

Villancico, Performed by Tenor Bass Choir

Come, little shepherds, we’re going to Bethlehem, where the Child has been born, the Child Emmanuel.

The Christmas gift, we ask of you, Lady! For four of us have come, but only two will enter.
From far off lands, we come to see you. The Eastern Star served as our guide.
The Child is born with loving care, because Herod the King desires to slay him.

Hanerot Halalu, Combined Choirs

These lights we kindle upon the miracles, the wonders, the salvations, and on the battles which You performed for our ancestors in those days in this season, through Your holy priests. During all eight days of Hanukah, these lights are sacred.

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